Phewa Tal (Lake)

Phewa Tal is another Top 10 Places to visit in Pokhara Nepal. Tal means lake in Nepali. Phewa Tal is the largest lake in the Pokhara valley. The lake is the centre of attraction and most enchanting lake among other lakes of the Pokhara valley. The lake is best situated for boating, bird watching and especially photographing the scenic mountains. The excellent setting of the lake and the reflections of the Annapurna Mountain are something no visitor would like miss on a boating trip. Phewa Tal is also list of places to visit in Pokhara, Nepal. Phewa lake, the second largest lake in the kingdom, roughly measuring 1.5 km by 4 km, is the center of all attractions in Pokhara. The enchanting lake is an idyllic playground. Brightly painted wooden boats and sailboats can be rented on reasonable cost around lakeside.

The lake is neither deep (roughly 47 meters at most) nor particulary clean, but the water is warm and swimming is pleasant if you don’t think about the probable pollution.
The eastern shoreline of the lake, popularly known as Lakeside or Baidam, consists of seemingly endless strip of lodges, restaurants, bookshops and souvenir shops. One of the fascinating parts of lakeside is the splendid view of the mountains, especially when the still water reflects the peaks, creating a double image.

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